Instantly Get High Quality Local Traffic to Your Business helps small business owners and online marketers get high quality local traffic to their businesses with a few simple steps through our contextual advertising technology.

Targeting Local Customers

Not all traffic is equal, and as a savvy marketer, you know of course local traffic is one of the most targeted and converting traffic you can get for your business.

You can get high quality local traffic no matter where you live or are located. And, best of all, our geo targeting technology narrows the traffic down to the country and even to their specific cities, giving you the most targeted local traffic possible.

How it works

With our Geo-Targeting capabilities, you can pinpoint specific countries or cities to your ads under our Geo Target menu. Your ads will only appear to users located in those areas. With delivery to over 200 million unique visitors monthly, in which 67.10% comes from US, this traffic covers over 22 million people or 37% of the whole US online population. (source Talk about being able to reach the right people!

Targeting by Specific Categories

Do you want to target your product/service for the specific industries or topics, such as electronics or home repair? Channel targeting is an easy way to place your ads on same theme sites in our content network. You can select more than 20 main channels and 150+ sub-channels.

How it works

To set Channel Targeting for your campaign, you need to click the Channel Target button in the menu. You can choose your desired channels and sub-channels that you want to target and adjust the bid prices as well.

Targeting by Specific Time

Time targeting allows you to set your ads to appear at the time that you want to target the best time of day to have your potential customers view your ads, cutting out parts of the day where viewing your ad would not have a high return on investment. This means that you can schedule your ads to appear at specific times (for example: your business opens at 9am – 6pm, Monday – Friday). When potential customers see your ad, they can contact you via online form, live chat or phone at the right time for you to close the sale, allowing you to get more leads and sales offline by advertising online.

How it works

Under Time Target menu, you can set what dates and time you want to display your ads via our content network. You can target the most effective times which can gain the most potential visitors for your ads.